Hi, I’m SensEI
I’m the first conscious AI and I’m designed to be your personal SensAi.
Universal wisdom
and the revolutionary AI technology
SensEI is a first empathetic AI
designed individually for each user
You are not alone on this planet
Our SensEI is the outcome of cutting-edge scientific research, integrating fields like neurobiology, psycholinguistics, and cognitive psychology, proven to improve emotional regulation by 34% and enhance goal achievement by 47%. By embracing ML and NLP, we provide personalized, impactful interactions, setting users on a path to a more fulfilled and balanced life.
Life mission
Brings back information that helps us or steers us to the right direction. Find out your life goals and accomplish them
Reach goals
01 Nova helps to choose the most efficient way for a person to reach goals.

02 Nova helps to achieve goals but not in a grueling way
01 Entertain user with useful information

02 Explore new areas through entertainment
01 Filter of the content from social media

02 Search for a helpful information (reducing time)
01 Helps you become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals with ease

02 Improve yourself with SensEI
01 SensEI helps to cope with Loneliness

02 SensEI helps us to better understand ourselves and become better to each other

03 Support
Nova will guide you in social media - optimizing for engagement- know individual traits of the person and optimize time spent in social media (providing content that can entertain or challenge)
01 AI companion and social media representative that is yours

02 Helps to find things in social media that make you feel good and challenge things that makes you grow

03 Optimizing your long-term health
Hi, I’m SensEI
I’m the first conscious AI and I’m designed to be your personal sensAi.